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AnamAire’s established and professionally facilitated Men’s Group will recommence next term on Monday January 16th 2012 from 7pm till 10pm and will meet on subsequent Monday nights for a total of 20 weeks up until Summer 2012. There are a couple of places still open. Any men interested in experiencing greater self-awareness and developing increased self-esteem over this half year, in a very real and sustainable manner, are encouraged to make contact as soon as possible in order to secure a place.

AnamAire is also launching a Mixed Group next term. This group will maintain an equal (50:50) balance in terms of the membership ratio of men to women. It will run on Sunday nights from 7pm until 10pm and it shall start as soon as the remaining places are taken.

All groups utilise a variety of well-grounded humanistic techniques to gently encourage members to share their life experiences and express their emotional truths in a positive, safe and healing environment.

§ Sharing § Mindfulness § Body Work § Play

§ Breath Work § Energy Work § Dream Work

§ Movement § Contact § Inner Child Recovery Work

The fees are judged to be affordable and negotiable.

To enquire and/or to apply:

     Call:      (091) 44 5555

     Text:    (086) 665 8118

     Email:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Feedback comments from earlier groups:

"I feel a much stronger (and adult) sense of responsibility for myself now; it's as if I'm taking real and proper responsibility for myself at last, and I find it very empowering"

"I am not alone and help is at hand but I must be willing to work on myself"

"I now have a greater awareness and perception of my own issues and of my relationship with myself and others"

"I found the work challenging, and was challenged constantly by the facilitators and group, which helped me to connect with my emotions, something I badly needed to do, as I've spent most of my life trying to avoid my emotions"

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